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iSWAB RNA v2 Collection Kit

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Ambient Temperature Collection, Concentration, and Stabilization of High Quality RNA

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The iSWAB-RNAv2 device allows for the non-invasive collection, concentration, and stabilization of intact buccal cells and/or any mammalian cells collected with a swab or cytobrush allowing for real time ambient stabilization of total RNA from the point of collection to processing.


  • Swab-free sample transport: Decrease sample processing time without compromising sample integrity
  • Increase process efficiency: Extended shelf life stability (up to 4 weeks at room temp, several years at -20 C and -80 C), reduced processing time, and minimal storage footprint
  • High quality RNA for downstream applications such as RT-PCR, Microarray and RNA-seq for gene expression analysis
  • Room temperature stable: Reduce sample storage and transport costs by eliminating cold chain requirements
  • Self collection or assisted collection in less than 2 minutes: Suitable for all population segments including infants, toddlers, and elderly
  • Traceable and reliable chain of custody: LIMS compatible unique bar­codes included on each collection device for efficient traceability and storage purposes
  • Scalable and easy to process: Manual and automation friendly sample processing

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