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Hollow Cathode Lamps

SKU: G803
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Hollow Cathode Lamps from Green Scientific are designed and manufactured to achieve all fundamental requirements for a spectral line source. Cathodes are designed with either a pure element or compound to produce the best sputter rate at the lowest current. To enable a lamp to run the most economical way possible.

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  • Uncoded 1.5" single-element hollow cathode lamp
  • Available in a wide range of elements (see Data Sheet)
  • Suits all AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy) instruments
  • 2-pin connector
  • Quartz optical window
  • Available series include G8, G8AC, G8TC, G9L, M


G803Arsenic (As)
G808Cadmium (Cd)
G812Chromium (Cr)
G814Copper (Cu)
G826Iron (Fe)
G828Lead (Pb)
G833Mercury (Hg)
G869Zinc (Zn)


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