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For the Science of It All

diaago's Tube Talk covers insights, and a behind-the-scenes look at life sciences, telling the stories of product manufacturing, science marketing, and exciting news about research that is impacting the need for accessible lab ware.
Breast pipettes 1

Breast Cancer Research so you can Ring That Bell!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and while there are causes that touch everyone's heart, the cause for breast cancer is close to ours.
Oct 11 2022 Read More
Thawing stations

Thawing Stations for Labs

The Arizona thaws a complete rack from -80°C to 5°C in only 6 minutes and stops thawing when the desired temperature is reached. The Florida is not just a standalone instrument, but can be integrated with your liquid handling system as well!
Oct 04 2022 Read More
Petri dish

What's in your petri dish?

What's in your petri dish? That's what we would like to know! Send us a picture and a short summary of your research and you could be featured on our blog!
Sep 26 2022 Read More

Clinical Supplies and Lab Equipment

Covid research is ongoing and diaago wants to be your supplier for lab equipment, and supplies. If you are still working with vaccines or testing and you need a go to supplier that can deliver fast, let us know how we can help.
Sep 23 2022 Read More
Need Lab Supplies 2

Need Lab Supplies?

Need Lab Supplies? Look no further. diaago is on the way! As a distributor of lab ware and equipment around the world, diaago works hard to make sure we create a buzz!
Sep 15 2022 Read More


diaago expands in RTP with a New Office and Showroom
Sep 14 2022 Read More

Global Distribution for diaago

Global Labware Distribution for life science and research communities. Laboratory equipment, supplies, consumables, unique services, and so much more.
Aug 29 2022 Read More

BaaySCI Back to School Packs

Does your lab need a mini centrifuge or a mini vortex? Need Both? BaaySCI Back to School Packs are an exclusive promotion with diaago! Talk to us about ordering Back to School Packs for your lab.
Aug 26 2022 Read More
Science of Wine

The Science of Wine Making

The science of wine is one way we can understand food and beverage industries better and learn about the safety processes associated with winemaking.
Aug 24 2022 Read More
Blog image

The Art of Science

We are inspired by images of cells - the Art of Science and We bet you are too! Take a closer look with diaago! #discovermore #theartofscience #lifesciencemarketing
Jul 27 2022 Read More
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Welcome to the new!

Designed with you, the researcher, in mind! Request quotes, chat with our team, and learn how we can #discovermore together.
Dec 01 2021 Read More
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Advancing Gender Equity in Medicine with Dr. Margot L. Savoy

Learning and growing during Women in Medicine month 2021.
Sep 17 2021 Read More
Blog ils2

Q&A with Irish Life Sciences!

Meeting demand and looking ahead with ILS
Jun 02 2021 Read More
Blog bioneer 1

Q&A with Bioneer!

Taking the extra work out of the viral RNA/DNA extraction
Apr 09 2021 Read More
Blog micronic

Q&A with Micronic!

Learning about product development and innovation from Micronic
Mar 12 2021 Read More
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