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Electronic Single Channel (ESC) Ovation® Pipette

SKU: LV1065-0020
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The Electronic Single Channel (ESC) OvationĀ® Pipette from VistaLab is a fully electronic operation with 3 custom programmable volume pre-sets.

Programmable functions for:

  • multi-dispensing
  • serial dilutions
  • mixing
  • reverse pipetting
  • pipetting speed

This pipette also has a built-in microtube cap opener. A power supply, and a shelf hanger, are also included.

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  • Superior accuracy and precision
  • Unmatched patented ergonomic design
  • Audible ā€œclickā€ tip attachment to ensure consistent loading
  • Easy spring-loaded ā€œflickā€ tip ejection for low thumb force
  • Self-standing (attached tips remain elevated off benchtop)
  • Color-coded body for easy volume identification
  • Nozzles containing filter for fluid contamination protection
  • Individually serialized
  • Calibration Certificate included
  • In-lab calibration adjustment


LV1065-00200.5-20ĀµL Pipette, Ovation, (ESC) Electronic Single Channel1/Box
LV1065-01252-125ĀµL Pipette, Ovation, (ESC) Electronic Single Channel1/Box
LV1065-02505-250ĀµL Pipette, Ovation, (ESC) Electronic Single Channel1/Box
LV1065-125025-1250ĀµL Pipette, Ovation, (ESC) Electronic Single Channel1/Box

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