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iSWAB ID Forensics Collection Kit

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SWAB-ID is an efficient sample collection system for evidentiary and reference DNA samples

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Non-invasive sample collection tube for collection and stabilization of protein and DNA in the same oral sample. iSWAB-ID is an efficient sample collection system for evidentiary and reference DNA samples, which enables long term room temperature stabilization of the collected sample at the point of
collection, while ensuring proper chain of custody. This system allows for maximizing sample recovery and obtaining human DNA compatible with ID profiling assays. DNA extraction can be performed using any commercially available whole blood extraction chemistry.


  • Efficiently recovered and stabilized DNA of forensic significance at the point of collection.
  • Unlike processing traditional swabs, collecting samples with iSWAB-ID allows for multiple runs for analysis and archiving purposes.
  • Collected samples are stable over 5 years at room temperature storage (based on accelerated stability testing).

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